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our intention

Pure Essence stands for every mother, woman, young girl and child, waking up each morning knowing their own magnificence. This magnificence comes from within. It is OUR essence. It is the part of us that provides our genuine source of power, our authentic confidence and our unique expression. We honor this essence and create the opportunity to explore, embrace and express our own true essence.

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“Applying the Pure Essence tips to my life, I now have a better understanding of my daughter’s thinking.”
-Jennifer, CA
mother of two








essenceofamother Pure-Essence announces the release of the new book The Essence of a Mother. Helping stressed out Moms to discover simple ways to gain more time for themselves. …  (read full article)
author's photoPure Essence sponsors a FREE tele-summit, A Mother’s Time Out Global Gathering. sign up here... (read full article)
IMG_2689The Essence of a Mother gets rave reviews
Jack Canfield, co-author of The Chicken Soup for the Soul series has endorsed Julie Jensen’s book. Read his endorsement and other editorial endorsements here… (read full article)